Document Management

How often have people taken documents out of filing drawers and left them on their desk or someplace else and they get covered up or lost? The next person who needs that document is out of luck!

No more worries about misfiled documents and important information. You can store and access important documents from anywhere you have access to the internet. From your office, home, or on the road conducting business you can access and review the complete file of an individual with the proper credentials such as user ID and a password. Stored documents include drug test results, licenses, picture IDs, health test results, authorized documents, resumes, and much more.

Documents such as forms, tests, official office documents, and more can be stored on the system selectively or en-mass emailed to caregivers, employees, or clients.

You can even choose to share selective documents with your authorized clients, (hospitals, clinics and others), such as resumes, drug test results, license information and other credentials or make them private so only management can access them.

Forget paper and ink costs for printing and filing documents that may end up not getting filed or misfiled costing your organization large amounts of time recreating or searching for these missing documents.